Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beard's TV interview part 1

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publius said...

Freddie was was known as "Chicago Freddy" in the late 60's early seventy's. It was time when many very good players were converging on the Rack and Cue in Detroit.
One of my best friends was a fair player and a great gambler: Pittsburgh John. He told me a story that took place in his apartment in Detroit when a group of good players were lounging together. Things can get serious among serious people. Right in the middle of a causal conversation Freddy says, calmly, "fella's I think I have to give this game up." Mostly it met with laughs. He continued: "It's just so DAMED hard to win, and Damned easy to loose." And the place went into a laughing uproar. The story goes that Billy Cardon said, "Freddy, you want to win more.... have a couple kids."